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Virginia Broersma

Facebook, Saatchi Art

is an American painter. She studied Painting at Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah.

Virginia Broersma’s work explores the concept of allure in terms of the human form. Built of rough and loose marks that congeal into something very precise, her paintings have an intensity that is formed not only from the image, but from the action of painting itself.  Though it deviates from the human form, her imagery is complicated by associations one may have with the body. She is interested in how even a distant representation of a person can be conflated with measurements of perfection, beauty and the ideal.


Erica Elan Ciganek

on  Facebook,Flickr, Saatchi Art

Erica Elan Ciganek is a graduate of North Park University where she majored in both Art and Conflict Transformation (Class of ’13). She took her first painting class senior year of high school, and has, with great interest, participated as this passion grew. She works mainly in the medium of oil paint, but is simultaneously interested in film photography, music, and drawing.

  1. Chantal Acrylic on Board 8X8
  2. Just One , Oil paint on wood panel approximately 8in X 8in
  3. Laura Charcoal on Paper
  4. Untitled Oil Painting on wood board. Approximately 6X11
  5. Leslie II Oil Paint on MDF 2’X3’
  6. Befitting,Oil painting on Baltic Birch Plywood, 40”X30”
  7. Grow, Oil paint on MDF 2’X3
  8. Laura, Oil paint on woodblock about 4X5.5